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A Message to the Status Quo and Don’t See Colors

BY GABRIELLE GALCHEN Message to the Status Quo  She’s just walking through the street but all she hears is  Woman! Woman? Her mind is an oak tree, leaves tickle your … Continue reading

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Words That Touch and Feel

BY JAYOLA REID i.  I wish I could touch your mouth that is pouring out blood.  I wish I could feel the tenderness of your wrists from the tight handcuffs.  … Continue reading

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Death Probable

BY CALLIE WILSON About the Author Callie Wilson is a 16 year old writer from North Carolina.

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A Vicious Cycle

BY ADITYA AGGARWAL Salad Days is a poem discussing the lessons I’velearned throughout my childhood. Around the middle ofthe poem, I provide a single lesson that has changed mylife profoundly. … Continue reading

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This One is On Fire

BY ADELA XHEZA The first words that Nonna said when I was born was “questo è in fiamme.” This one is on fire. We all thought that she was talking … Continue reading

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Eighty Cents

BY MEGAN HORSTHUIS I am standing at my podium. I am relaxed, loose even, my breathing is regular and my body is still. I reach for my notebook, and feel … Continue reading

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