A Stellar Flare of Young Adult Writing and Visual Art


Hypernova Lit is an online journal dedicated to publishing the writing and visual art of teenagers.

Hypernova Lit seeks to cast light on the brilliant work produced by teenagers. We are deeply committed to honesty and fearlessness in the work we publish, with a particular emphasis on teenagers telling their own difficult truths. Out of respect for our writers and artists, we do not censor for language or content.

Chelsea Laine Wells, Founding/Managing Editor

Chelsea is a published and award winning writer, a public high school creative writing and English teacher in Dallas ISD, and managing as well as fiction editor of Chicago-based HYPERtext Magazine. In her spare time she reads and watches television and plays double solitaire with her husband, Bryan, who is also a teacher. Her life mission both in the classroom and through Hypernova Lit is to nurture and promote the creativity of teenagers. Find out more about Chelsea here on her website.

Bryan Lindsey, Editor

Bryan is a public high school AP Literature teacher in Dallas ISD. He lives the way he asks his students to live: “We are all readers and writers.” His other interests include cooking, household projects, and in general working with his hands. His favorite activity is going to the movies with his wife, Chelsea. As a teacher, Bryan has started student literary magazines on two campuses and works always in his classroom to connect his students with a love of writing and reading through creativity.

Juwairiya Syed, Editor

Juwairiya Syed graduated from University of California Davis (the other Berkeley) in 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in English and an emphasis in Creative Writing. She served as writer and contributor to various independent blogs throughout her time in college. She spent many unpaid hours editing and revising other college students’ essays. She is currently a public high school teacher in Dallas, TX. When she is not teaching, writing, or reading, she is binge watching shows on Netflix. She lives with her parents which is not embarrassing because she doesn’t have to pay rent. Recently, she traveled to her parents’ home country, India, for the first time and almost died of food poisoning.

Alexis Melendez, Intern

Alexis Melendez is five foot five, he likes rock music, and half of his hair is red (the bottom half). He also has an astigmatism. He studied creative writing for two years under the instruction of Chelsea Laine Wells. He lives in Dallas.

4 comments on “ABOUT

  1. Jamari Bass
    August 8, 2018

    Hello trying to get information on your website and how
    To submit writings. My son is 15 and is interested. What are the details? Is
    Pay involved? What are benefits of sharing? I will include his contact
    Information. Thank you


  2. Karen Hernandez Calderon
    May 19, 2021

    Hi. My daughter wanted to know if there is a minimum size the story has to be? And if so I would like a number. Thank you so much!


    • Chelsea Laine Wells
      June 6, 2021

      Hi! At this time, we are closed for submissions into the foreseeable future. Thanks for your interest, though!


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