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BY ANNABELLA BOLEY Gabbi cracked the bathroom door just a bit, leaning on the doorframe to avoid falling over. She was a half hour late for trick-or-treating, and, while she … Continue reading

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BY JANYA BHASKAR I open my eyes. My breath mists as I exhale. I sit up, and look around. I’m in the middle of avast snowfield, white and unending. I … Continue reading

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Heritage and To Be a Beautiful Nightmare

BY DIVYA REDDY Heritage billion people.Condemned to suffer, but not.At eye-level, you see animals, burns, and chaos,But look up to those living the modern life,The slight glimpses of order,The … Continue reading

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Thoughts in the Dark

BY TRINI FENG I was afraid of the moon. This much I knew. Every night, I drew the curtains and shoved my closet against the window, hoping to block out … Continue reading

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Our World, Our Love

BY JAELA CHEN The world we live in. It’s crazy. The fights, the riots, the hate. Kids play outside while parents talk, kids of all colors and races. Black, White, … Continue reading

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The Boy Who Lived

BY IRIS MARK The girl sits across from me, laying out her papers and supplies in an almost ritualistic fashion. I watch as she skims questions displayed on her iPad, … Continue reading

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Heir To Corruption

BY SYLVI WARSHAVER-STEIN and the daughter of the devil seeks the darkness in the dawn. she loves the color of midnight. she loves the silver taste of blood. tyger tyger, … Continue reading

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Clouds Are Overrated

BY SACHIN ALLUMS Clouds are overrated. If you took your fist and punched a cloud, it would dissipate and fly away. A cloud appears fluffy and looks like it contains … Continue reading

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Ze Lo Igamer Tov, This Won’t End Well

BY EDEN RAVIV The air hot and sticky, it’s refreshing to step on the icy marble floors. My Safta always keeps the air 30 degrees too cold. Everything neat and … Continue reading

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The Weather Man

BY AMY “Dad! I’m going to school! I’ll see you later, love you!” I have an important math test today and the last thing I can think of is showing … Continue reading

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How to Read a Bouquet

BY CAITLIN MUSICH, 2022 Dear Corona, I present you with this bouquet of flowers as I sit alone in my room. Now, don’t be flattered. All these flowers together don’t … Continue reading

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My Way Home

BY GWENYTH LEE “Camouflage yourself, keep your legs together, you’re interpreting a boy…” all my life I was informed I had to be feminine. I was a child, yet I … Continue reading

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Five Poems

BY ARDEN YUM mother tongueHow twisted is itto reduce language into a stringof sounds I don’t understand. To attach melodyto conversation, playing in an elevator. Goingup. My feet off the … Continue reading

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Dear Alzheimers

BY ALLISON W. Dear Alzheimers, In my eighteen years of existence, I have watched you grow and take over some of the most vulnerable, most precious pieces of my life. … Continue reading

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A Vicious Cycle

BY ADITYA AGGARWAL Salad Days is a poem discussing the lessons I’velearned throughout my childhood. Around the middle ofthe poem, I provide a single lesson that has changed mylife profoundly. … Continue reading

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Small Like Grain

BY AMY LIU Did you know that peoples flocked to our homeland, small like grain? They brought their moms & dads & children to this dreamland, small like grain. Oceans … Continue reading

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Into the Storm

BY MADISON DYE Family is very important. The people that make up our family are the people that help make up who we are. In my family, we have always … Continue reading

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Everything Will Be Alright

BY YUQING KARA LIU January 2059 Her lifeless stare bore a hole in me. My mother was gone, destroyed by the man-made creation that I thought was supposed to bring her … Continue reading

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My Momma Always Told Me: You can sleep when you are dead

BY KYANNE SKELTON She is a little woman — little, but her coat, cut for a man, hides the ripple of muscle underneath. Her mouth is open, head tipped back … Continue reading

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BY KAI SHERWIN The click-clack of the uneven highway is loud. Really loud. The noise seems endless, so to pass the time, I begin counting the sounds. Forty-five, forty-six, forty-seven…With … Continue reading

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nobody wonders nor asks if the streets hide a wood + Two More

BY PATRICIA TANG   nobody wonders nor asks if the streets hide a wood   nobody wonders nor asks if the streets hide a wood− maybe the asphalt is a … Continue reading

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BY TONY LEE I took the silver platter and slowly unveiled a quadruple-layered cake. The family was gathered around the mahogany table, and the reunion was as high-end as it … Continue reading

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Nights and Days Without You, Brother + One More

BY TAYLOR BURGIN   Nights and days without you, brother   I must learn to be careful— and what I mean is it’s the absence of you that matters,   … Continue reading

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Hypertext High School Writers Contest, Honorable Mention: Miya Bruce

Garden By Miya Bruce Sitting in the dewy grass on a still Saturday morning, I breathe in the fresh, cold air allowing it to tickle the hairs in my nose. … Continue reading

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Hypertext High School Writers Contest, Honorable Mention: Citlalli Lugo

Slowly Sinking Into Darkness By Citlalli Lugo She was slowly sinking into the deepest pits of the ocean. The once light filled water is now becoming darker. The ice cold … Continue reading

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1st Place Fiction, Hypertext High School Writers Contest: Shannon Sommers

Vanilla Summer by Shannon Sommers Paige’s heart beats under the Hamptons sky like trembling hands against a wooden table. She remembers this feeling during the year, when something makes her … Continue reading

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2nd Place Fiction, Hypertext High School Writers Contest: Emily Yin

It’s All in the Family by Emily Yin Lucy inhaled and forgot to exhale. Lucy carried words in her mouth, stillborn, and never noticed the blood. Lucy watched people leave … Continue reading

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You Can’t Choose Your Fake Family

BY LALE CEYLAN I don’t like Ella. Unfortunately, I’ve had to spend my entire childhood with her because my dad’s Turkishness and my mom’s love for inviting people for dinner … Continue reading

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Falling from Grace

BY MICHAEL CRECCO I didn’t even feel myself hit the ground. My headstone reads, “Here lays Connor Grayley, A blessed spirit who was never meant for this world.”  When I … Continue reading

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Finding My Way Through

BY NOELLE MALDONADO Prologue I am Noelle Nicole Maldonado. Who I was when I first began is much different from who I am now. Picturing myself as a newborn baby–a … Continue reading

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