A Stellar Flare of Young Adult Writing and Visual Art

Heir To Corruption


and the daughter of the devil seeks the darkness in the dawn.
she loves the color of midnight. she loves
the silver taste of blood. tyger tyger,
tooth and nail, silent death still leaves grief 
frail, she’s 
fragile or wants to be, wishes she
could shed tears of indignancy 
without being burned. if guilt is kerosene, her
body is a bonfire. but there is a next time
and a next. nothing sleeps.
no secrets lie dormant. the thorns of
the family tree do not only 

grow over the dead.
the endurance of quiet is its own agony.
the thousands of different silences. the hundreds
of thousands of agonies. who is your mother?
who is your daughter? who will inherit
the wind, and who the zephyr? when
will death be enough? when will suffering
be forgiveness? tongue between jagged teeth
and it's so easy to conflate arbology
 with apology.

About the Author

Sylvi Warshaver-Stein is a high school senior in New York City, NY, where she is the editor-in-chief of her school’s literary magazine. She has had her work published in Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest, in the American High School Poets’ quarterly magazine. Sylvi enjoys art and English class, and in her free time, can be found reading, or planning Dungeons & Dragons adventures.

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