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Covid-19: An Unforgettable Lesson

BY NARRAYAN RAAM “One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken.” – Leo Tolstoy Dolphins spotted in the waters … Continue reading

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What you are not being told about the George Floyd protests!

BY JASMINE TAUBER At first, I was reluctant to write an article about the current issue of the George Floyd protests. I thought I was not informed enough to have … Continue reading

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The Story About the Boom Lift

BY SIHAM MUHUMED I smelled gas and could hear a murmur somewhere near me. It took a whole minute for me to open my eyes, as I took my surroundings. … Continue reading

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Ze Lo Igamer Tov, This Won’t End Well

BY EDEN RAVIV The air hot and sticky, it’s refreshing to step on the icy marble floors. My Safta always keeps the air 30 degrees too cold. Everything neat and … Continue reading

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Death Probable

BY CALLIE WILSON About the Author Callie Wilson is a 16 year old writer from North Carolina.

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Why I Am A Feminist

BY LYNDSEY MILES Feminist is such a loaded word. Many of all genders find it to be distasteful. They believe that being a feminist means something like women want to be better than … Continue reading

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A Guardian of Sorts

BY OLIVIA WATSON Time whisked carelessly away, hour by hour, as crowds of people scuttled around, sharing a similarity to ants, in every direction the eye could see, all possessing … Continue reading

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BY ALEXANDER COPE SCENE ONE Setting: Kim and Phillip’s kitchen. KIM: Hey Phil. How was your morning? I’m just making some breakfast. Would you like some?(KIM starts to pour milk … Continue reading

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The Day I Didn’t Die

BY SOPHIE KOSIBA Every time anything touched my skin, the searing pain reverberated across my entire body. It would always cause me to wince or sometimes scream and even more … Continue reading

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