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Setting: Kim and Phillip’s kitchen.

KIM: Hey Phil. How was your morning? I’m just making some breakfast. Would you like some?(KIM starts to pour milk into three bowls.)

PHILLIP: No, I’m fine. Thank you. As for how the morning has been it’s still up in the air but, I see you’ve fallen back into old habits.

KIM: My whole day is ruined if I don’t have three bowls. I need them.

PHILLIP: Just like you couldn’t live without changing your name.

KIM: Three letters are better.

PHILLIP: Seven letters was just fine. (PHILLIP walks over to the table and sits.)

KIM: Besides, Kim has a better ring to it.

PHILLIP: I didn’t fall in love with a Kim. I fell in love with a Rachael.

KIM: You use to be understanding of my condition. What happened Phillip?

PHILLIP: Any other man would have left you by now. I am being very understanding.

KIM: Phillip! Please. I don’t need this today.

PHILLIP(shouting): If we won’t discuss it now! Then when will we ever?(KIM starts to pour cereal into each bowl.)

KIM: All you do is focus on the negative. I’ve come a long way.

PHILLIP: It’s like you’ve given up. You’re satisfied with who you become. I want you to try harder to be normal.

KIM: This is normal.

PHILLIP: This isn’t normal Rachael.

KIM: That’s not my name. My name is Kim. (Pause.)

PHILLIP: I mean Kim. I’m sorry.

KIM: I know what you meant.

PHILLIP: I can’t help from thinking this is my mistake.

KIM: It isn’t your fault. It’s nobody’s fault.

PHILLIP: It all came down to me. I am the source of this problem. I feel responsible.

KIM: We both were responsible. It’s okay. Apology accepted. Can you please stay an extra few minutes?

PHILLIP: You know I can’t.

KIM: Come on, I want to eat breakfast with my husband.

PHILLIP: You would have plenty of time if you stopped pouring three bowls of cereal each morning.

KIM: Change takes baby steps. (KIM walks over to the silverware cabinet. She pulls out three spoons and walks back to her bowls.)

PHILLIP: Are the therapist at least helping?

KIM: They are. I like them a lot. I’m just starting to get warmed up to them.

PHILLIP: That tells me they aren’t doing their job.

KIM: How come?

PHILLIP: If you’re comfortable in therapy. It means they aren’t challenging you each session.

KIM: He is challenging me. Just in a different way.

PHILLIP: Let’s look into a new one.

KIM: Phillip! Why don’t you ever trust my opinion? My reasons?

PHILLIP: Because you are a very sick person. I’m sorry. I would love more than anything to trust you. But I just can’t.

KIM: You didn’t marry a toddler. I would never lie to you.

PHILLIP: I’m about to have to go.

KIM: Please, just wait. (KIM heads over to the refrigerator and pulls out an orange juice pitcher. She then heads over to the cup cabinet and pulls out three glass cups.)

PHILLIP: So, what’s the goal for today?

KIM: Go grocery shopping.

PHILLIP: And how long do you plan to go for?

KIM: 4 hours.

PHILLIP: That’s the goal. Let’s hope you can do it. I believe in you. I believe you can do it.

KIM: Thank you. That means a lot. (KIM walks over to the table and sets her three pairs of breakfast on the table.)

PHILLIP: Got to go. Love you.

KIM: Oh gosh. I missed it again.

PHILLIP: I can ask my boss if I can come in a little late tomorrow. We could have breakfast together then.

KIM: That would be nice. Love you too. (PHILLIP and KIM kiss three times. PHILLIP exits. KIM sits down on a chair near the table.) Okay. Remember the goal. 4 hours. You can do it. I need three bags of chips. Three bags of lettuce. Three pregnancy test…. (The Scene switches to a medical room.)


Setting: Doctor’s medical room.

PHILLIP: I need you to lie to her.

DOCTOR: I highly disagree with this. If it wasn’t for the health of the mother and the daughter. I would never do it.

PHILLIP: Thank you, doctor. Remember she has a severe condition of O.C.D. She has to do everything three times. So check the babies three times.

DOCTOR: Okay. I got it. What gender do you want the other two to be?

PHILLIP: Let’s make them boys.

DOCTOR: Got it. As for the health of your baby. I’ll discuss it after she leaves the room.

PHILLIP: Sounds like a plan. I’ll let her in. (PHILLIP walks over to the door and opens it.) You can come in. (KIM enters the room.)

DOCTOR: Go ahead and sit up on the medical table. (KIM sits on the medical table.)

KIM: I’ve been really worried. It just seems like my stomach isn’t growing to what it should be. Should I be concerned?

DOCTOR: Let me check and we’ll find out. (The DOCTOR pulls the ultrasound over KIM’s stomach.) Looks fine. One. Two babies. Three. They’re all here.

KIM: Thank god.

DOCTOR: Would you like to know the gender of the babies?

KIM: Go ahead. Tell me.

DOCTOR: Baby number one and two seems to be a boy.

KIM: Did you hear that Phillip? You’re getting the boys you’ve always wanted.

DOCTOR: Baby number three, is a girl.

PHILLIP: A girl. I’ve always wanted a girl. Are you excited Kim?

KIM: Gender doesn’t matter. As long as all the babies are healthy and taken care of. They are okay, right?

DOCTOR: They’re doing just fine.

KIM: Thanks doctor.

DOCTOR: Well it looks like the appointment is over. Your next one should be one month from now.

KIM: Thank you doctor.

DOCTOR: I’m just doing my duty.

KIM: I’ll meet you in the car babe. I’m going to go ahead and schedule our next appointment.

PHILLIP: I’ll see you there. (KIM and PHIL kiss three times. KIM exits.) Thank you so much, doctor. Here’s your payment. (PHILLIP takes out a hundred dollar bill.)

DOCTOR: I don’t feel good about this.

PHILLIP: Just think about the health of the baby. You could have saved a life.

DOCTOR: You do know she’s going to have to find out either way.

PHILLIP: I know I’m lying, however sometimes lying is the best solution. This is one of those cases.

DOCTOR: I hope you’re right. Here’s the real ultrasound. (DOCTOR hands over the ultrasound to PHILLIP.)

Setting: Kim and Phillip’s kitchen.

KIM: Hey. I woke up early to make breakfast.

PHILLIP: That’s great. We can talk more now.

KIM: I made yours too. (KIM hands PHILLIP a plate with three toast on it.)

PHILLIP: Three toast. Thanks, Kim. (PHILLIP walks over to the table and sits down. KIM follows him with her breakfast as well.)

KIM: It’s the most I could do. I’m excited. The babies could come anytime.

PHILLIP: What do you think we should name them?

KIM: The girl, I was thinking Courtney.

PHILLIP: No three letter names?

KIM: Nope. I’m really making strides.

PHILLIP: What about the two boys?

KIM: One named after you and one named George.

PHILLIP. I like them.

KIM: This is the first time in a while I’ve felt in control.

PHILLIP: What do you mean?

KIM: I mean… since I’ve been stuck with this OCD disorder. I haven’t been able to really have a say in anything. It’s refreshing having some power in the relationship.

PHILIP: You make me sound like a dictator.

KIM: No… I mean. I feel like I’m in control of my own family. Being a mother is going to be good for me.

PHILLIP: I think so too. (The phone starts to ring.) Can you get that? I’m going to use the bathroom. (PHILLIP exits.)

KIM: Sure. (KIM walks over to the phone and answers it.) Hello… Hi. Yes, it is she. Oh my god. Of course Lindsey. I would love to come over today for lunch. I like that idea too…. Let’s order Chinese okay. Hold on. Let me check to see if I’ve got enough cash to eat. (KIM sets down the phone and goes to Phillip’s wallet. She goes through his wallet and picks up an ultrasound.) What’s this? (KIM sees the photo and hangs up the phone. PHILLIP walks back into the kitchen.) They lied to me.

PHILLIP: What is it honey?

KIM: What is this Philip? (KIM crumbles up the ultrasound and throws it at PHILLIP).

PHILLIP: You weren’t supposed to see that.

KIM: Has my whole entire pregnancy been a lie?

PHILLIP: It was for the best. We knew you would react this way.

KIM: I wish you would stop treating me like a dog! I am more than a dog!

PHILLIP: I’m sorry.

KIM: I need you to leave. I will raise my daughter by myself if that means being in control. I should have a say in my own children’s lives. This is a relationship! Two people should always have a say! It isn’t always about you! Now Leave!

PHILLIP: I understand. (PHILLIP exits out of the door.)

KIM: I can’t believe this. I am beyond angry. I deserve something better this. Better than this life I’m living. I am so tired of being unnoticed and unappreciated. This is my baby and I will decide it’s own destiny. Oh no. My water just broke.


Setting: Kim and Phillip’s Kitchen.

RACHAEL: Dad. I was always wondering. What happened to mom?

PHILLIP: What do you mean? I’ve told you everything about your mom. What she liked. How she lived.

RACHAEL: I mean. How did she die?

PHILLIP: It’s too difficult for you to understand. Once you become older you will be ready for it. Now is not the time.

RACHAEL: Then when will be the time? You have told me all my life that it will never be time. I am ready. I have the right to decide when.

PHILLIP: I have the right. I loved her. I was the one who married her.

RACHAEL: I have a right to know.

PHILLIP: Your mother died in childbirth.

RACHAEL: She did?

PHILLIP: Giving birth to you. I named you Rachael after her memory.

RACHAEL: I was named after my mother?

PHILLIP: That was her name before she had her condition. The old her. The one I fell in love with.

RACHAEL: What do you mean condition?

PHILLIP: She had a disorder after a robbery that happened at our home. I was working the late shift at work instead of being at home with her. I could have done something. I have blamed myself for it all these years. After that night, I pushed her to get better and I believe I pushed her too far. That’s what lead to her horrific childbirth.

RACHAEL: My grandmother told me I was the only surviving triplet. Is that true?

PHILLIP: Yes, it’s true. Your brothers didn’t make it.

RACHAEL: I can’t imagine my life with two other brothers.

PHILLIP: It’s a miracle you made it yourself.

RACHAEL: I feel so grateful for everything I have. Do you have pictures of her?

PHILLIP: I do. Our weddings photos are just in my wallet. Here, I’ll show you. (PHILLIP takes out a photo and shows RACHAEL.)

RACHAEL: She was beautiful. How could such a woman change so much? It’s beyond me. How many months of marriage did you guys have before the incident?

PHILLIP: About a full year.

RACHAEL: What was the one thing you loved most about her before the accident?

PHILLIP: I think that’s enough questions kid.

RACHAEL: Dad, please.

PHILLIP: That’s enough. Rachael. You’ll find more about her as you grow older. I got to go to work tonight. Love you. Bye.

RACHAEL: Bye dad. (PHILLIP exits.) What a beautiful woman. I’m glad to know the truth about her.


About the Author

Alexander Cope is a 17 year-old student in Valdosta, Georgia. This play was was the first piece of literature he ever wrote and it took him about a year. The process made him choose writing as a future career.

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