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BY ANNABELLA BOLEY Gabbi cracked the bathroom door just a bit, leaning on the doorframe to avoid falling over. She was a half hour late for trick-or-treating, and, while she … Continue reading

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BY ERIN CHOI I close my eyes and confine them in darkness.My mind is clear for a singular moment until shapes emerge out of nothingness and morph into thoughts. I … Continue reading

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BY JANYA BHASKAR I open my eyes. My breath mists as I exhale. I sit up, and look around. I’m in the middle of avast snowfield, white and unending. I … Continue reading

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BY RORY Cars A 5’ 9’’ high school girl walked through the hallways. She had headphones, jeans, a tank top, and a jacket on. She liked rap, horror movies, junk … Continue reading

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Thoughts in the Dark

BY TRINI FENG I was afraid of the moon. This much I knew. Every night, I drew the curtains and shoved my closet against the window, hoping to block out … Continue reading

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BY CLAIRE SEELING-BRANSCOMB Ellie She put her headphones in and let the world dissolve. At that moment she felt empty, she slumped to the floor, and then, she ceased to … Continue reading

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My Session with Mrs. Adler

BY LOLA AFONSO MARTINEZ The plaza was a buzzing cacophony of dogs barking, children shrieking, and bicycle bells ringing away. As chaotic as it might seem, I’ve always enjoyed how … Continue reading

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The Man With No Face

BY HDZ The human mind is the scariest thing of all. It makes things out of the darkness. Scary things. Monsters, ghosts. The man with no face comes into my … Continue reading

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A Walk in The City of Dogma

BY MATTHEW FORD In a city which was dead. In which continued to crawl on its stomach with shallow breaths and bleeding wounds. In the end, nothing would be left … Continue reading

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BY ANGIE LEUNG When I looked over my shoulder, I saw him.  He walked through the entrance of the café with that nonchalant stride, hands slipped into his pockets, and … Continue reading

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Change is Never Gonna Come

BY TIMEWRITER Change isn’t gonna to come as far as I’ve seen. I came from a planet called Nalley, 21000 years ago. I came to evaluate the histories, traditions, and … Continue reading

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The Weather Man

BY AMY “Dad! I’m going to school! I’ll see you later, love you!” I have an important math test today and the last thing I can think of is showing … Continue reading

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Let’s Dance

BY ANONYMOUS She stared into his eyes, watching as they sizzled with intensity. Holding back a snarl, she shot him a glare. “No.” “What?” His disbelief was a mixture of … Continue reading

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BY SAM WALKER I was awoken by moonlight streaming through the 10 centimeter thick glass window. It made a nice change to the typical synthetic lighting of the room. I wondered why they … Continue reading

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For I am the Winter

BY DEBORA MERID I saw you across the room with her wrapped around you, you shining with your striking emerald shirt, like the beautifully taunting skin of a cobra clothed … Continue reading

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The Changing Waters

BY NINA FRIEDBERG The deep blue waves curl forward, pushing to their peak. They come barreling downward, exploding at the rocky bottom of the sand. I watch as the waves … Continue reading

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The Thing About Life…

BY NAMS Part 1The colours which the world had yet to offer Darkness. something that has become a part of me.something that ushers in an epitome of disgust, hate and … Continue reading

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The Price of a Second Chance

BY ERIC TANG A feather spiralled silently from the heavens, dropped by some unsuspecting avian. I never saw if it reached the ground. It would’ve been a redundant observation nevertheless. … Continue reading

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What Are We Hiding?

BY YVETTE AGUILAR August 9 He hasn’t moved, or shifted his glance. I don’t think he ever will. He’s only a few feet away, but  he won’t acknowledge my presence. … Continue reading

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An Infinite Abyss

BY SHREYA KHULLAR July 10, 1991 I walked to Elijah. He was wearing his signature beige trousers, harnessed by a pair of black suspenders. He sat under his cottonwood tree, … Continue reading

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The Orphanage

BY NICK UNNIKRISHNAN I was tired and sleepy and felt like I was going to pass out. My muscles burned from exhaustion. On the dark, gloomy highway I stuck my … Continue reading

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The Different Types of Love

BY ALEFIYA PRESSWALA People always try to define the word love, but there are so many types and forms of love, there’s no single way to say exactly what it … Continue reading

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A Silver Ring

BY AOIFE O’CONNELL The cell smells of piss and dirt, and it reminds Dee of her old apartment. When she had moved into the abandoned building, the squatters were ubiquitous … Continue reading

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BY ALEXANDRA MAXIME ADAMS She could hear the​ ticks​ and ​tocks ​punching into the air, pummeled from the smiley face clock, yellow and maddening, that was nailed against the wall … Continue reading

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Seaweed on the Ocean Floor

BY SUMMER LIU Yujia swayed in the cramped subway like a string of seaweed on the ocean floor. The crowd pushed against her in all directions possible, that she neither … Continue reading

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In My Head

BY KEYA SHAH I drive my bruised fingers and short clipped nails deep into my palm, slowly drawing in big gulps of the musty summer air.  I’m counting to ten, … Continue reading

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The Carrot Farm

BY LUCY McMAHON The boy in the handmade straw hat is sitting in the middle of the carrot field but he does not look happy. Instead, his face is one of … Continue reading

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Into the Storm

BY MADISON DYE Family is very important. The people that make up our family are the people that help make up who we are. In my family, we have always … Continue reading

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Wishing Upon a Midnight Star and a Story

BY RILEY VILLONE Stars flying past, Moving onward fast, A wish I’d like to make, But it’s a silly thing to partake. My dreams still gnawing at me inside, Wishing … Continue reading

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The Horrors of the Past

BY SARA HOLDEN I am silent these days, though I used to be loud. I can still taste the sunshine like it had just washed over me moments ago, while … Continue reading

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