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Change is Never Gonna Come


Change isn’t gonna to come as far as I’ve seen. I came from a planet called Nalley, 21000 years ago. I came to evaluate the histories, traditions, and creatures or as they liked to be called the human race on this blue and green planet called Earth. I am to decide whether I should annihilate this planet or let it live to see another day. I thought it would be easy at first. I didn’t realize that I was in for hell.

I saw a lot of things, learned a lot of things, and wished I could take back some of those things. It all started when I was a male slave. The pale skinned people used to beat, whip, and force me into labor just because of the color of my disguise. Darker skin women were forced upon and their children were forced to live and grow up in the same lifestyle as them. Lucky for me my alien body could take it but emotionally was scarred.

 It doesn’t end there. You vile creatures have a knack for war. It was all I saw and heard every day. I disguised myself as a 21 year old Korean soldier and enlisted in the war to get a better understanding of what happens on the battlefield when you meet face to face with the enemy. What I saw left me shocked. Bodies upon bodies were blown into bits of pieces, blood was everywhere and gunshots were being fired from all angles. This never ending nightmare, people crying for their families, broken, bruised and burned bodies crying in agony wanting someone to end it for them then and there, and  in the end all you creatures could say was how pointless the Korean War was. Yet you still create more wars like WW1, WW2, The Vietnam war, the Middle East war and so on and so forth. Is that all you monsters can do? Is that the only way you animals can resolve conflict? Then I found out why you do. For money, power, and greed.

Greed is what makes the world go round and round these days doesn’t. You animals  nowadays think only for your  benefit. If poverty doesn’t kill you then your government sure will. Have they done anything  to end unemployment or how about giving back to the poor? How about putting a stop to young black men being killed by police officers? No? Nothing?

And what makes it worse is that when you protest, you do it with violence like that’s going to solve anything. It just shows how barbaric you truly are. Have you no shame. You all bleed the same yet you have your brothers and sisters blood on your hands. You all know Malcolm X right? He was a civil rights activist, but he too protested with violence and guess what? His ass got shot. What happens to speaking with words and not just actions. What happened to better communication?

I guess you can blame what’s his name? Zucker Bum? No uh Zuck burg Nah not that either, ahh Zuckerberg and any other creator of social media. Thanks to technology you have the world at your fingertips yet sadly your communication skills have gone down the drain. You creatures just don’t talk face to face anymore it actually face to phone or phone to phone. I stand in front of you today in probably what is my last disguise on this earth as black teenage girl and tell you that ‘likes’ are more popular than what is going on in our country. The more followers you have, the more popular you become but are those truly your “friends”.

I don’t want to know how many people liked your nudes or who slid into your DMs. I just want to know what are your aspirations, who inspired you and what are your goals. 

You say change is going to come, but where? All I see is destruction, chaos and strife. Those are the reasons I should annihilate this wasteland of a planet. Get rid of you vile ignorant selfish monsters so the universe doesn’t have to be poison again.

Well I was going to annihilate you, but I had a change of heart.  I realized I’ve been looking too much into the negative and not at the positive. There is  good in this world and they are good people too like Martin Luther King who fought for equal right for all or president Abraham Lincoln who ended slavery and even Nelson Mandela who put a stop to Apartheid and became the first black president of South Africa. You know I met gandhi when I was a little boy living in india and you know what he told me? He told me “be the change you wish to see in the world”. Wow isn’t that something?  You want change so bad, so why don’t start changing, change your ways, your lifestyles and change how you perceive the world. 

You see I didn’t lower myself to your standards like you brutes would do to one another. I looked past your monstrosity to find out that you are not bad people, really you’re not, you just make bad decisions. Something that even I do myself but I know my limits. Do you know yours?

I will spare you this time. I believe that change is going to come, but do know that there will be a day when judgement will come again, and know it won’t be I who judges you tragic animals. They will not be merciful so change while you still can for not all is rooted in evil.

About the Author

TimeWriter’s current human disguise is 18 years old and lives in Acworth, Georgia.

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