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My Session with Mrs. Adler

BY LOLA AFONSO MARTINEZ The plaza was a buzzing cacophony of dogs barking, children shrieking, and bicycle bells ringing away. As chaotic as it might seem, I’ve always enjoyed how … Continue reading

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Autumn Tales, empowerment, and Scottish Fantasy

BY LUCIEN Autumn Tales Through the red leaves, you can feel the chill of an oncoming winter, you can see a grey fox with silver eyes, chasing away warmth of … Continue reading

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A Walk in The City of Dogma

BY MATTHEW FORD In a city which was dead. In which continued to crawl on its stomach with shallow breaths and bleeding wounds. In the end, nothing would be left … Continue reading

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Change is Never Gonna Come

BY TIMEWRITER Change isn’t gonna to come as far as I’ve seen. I came from a planet called Nalley, 21000 years ago. I came to evaluate the histories, traditions, and … Continue reading

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Those Red Shoes

BY ELIDA ROSKAMP I open my eyes and the landscape around me looks strangely familiar, but I’m not sure from where though. I see a small village off to my … Continue reading

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Hypertext High School Writers Contest, Honorable Mention: Jayy Prather

Dreamscape By Jayy Prather The Moon The girl with the moon kissed purple hair and the sun caressed pale, white skin. She’s been thrown in the loony bin for unspeakable … Continue reading

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White Hearted Child (An Excerpt)

BY CLAUDIA CASANOVA [This work is excerpted from an ongoing story that takes place in a fully created alternate world. The inhabitants of this world are articulate, cat-like creatures operating within a … Continue reading

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Lapis Lazuli

BY BLAINE FINSTEIN In The Beginning On the first day, God created the heavens and the earth. He saw the darkness over the land and said, “Let there be light,” … Continue reading

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