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Where Not Everyone Goes

BY AKERMAN I am going,To where the path leads,As long as there are starts along the way,For not I’ll feel lost,For I don’t want to fall through the cracks that … Continue reading

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Heritage and To Be a Beautiful Nightmare

BY DIVYA REDDY Heritage billion people.Condemned to suffer, but not.At eye-level, you see animals, burns, and chaos,But look up to those living the modern life,The slight glimpses of order,The … Continue reading

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BY LILIANA CAREY We didn’t really know what to do with our time, The mystifying vastness of a Sunday night The hours slip away inconsequentially Until we wake up in … Continue reading

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Change is Never Gonna Come

BY TIMEWRITER Change isn’t gonna to come as far as I’ve seen. I came from a planet called Nalley, 21000 years ago. I came to evaluate the histories, traditions, and … Continue reading

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The Thing About Life…

BY NAMS Part 1The colours which the world had yet to offer Darkness. something that has become a part of me.something that ushers in an epitome of disgust, hate and … Continue reading

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Mountains of Love

BY ALBERT HE From the very first time I saw you in that adorable dress of trees,I knew you were specialThose flowing clouds of hairand that colorful, vibrant personality of … Continue reading

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