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Mountains of Love

Landscape, Scenic, Water, Reflection, Calm, Peaceful


From the very first time I saw you in that adorable dress of trees,
I knew you were special
Those flowing clouds of hair
and that colorful, vibrant personality of tall peaks and ridges
make it absolutely incredible to be with you

Early in the morning
The warm smile of sunlight that peaks through the horizon
instantly makes everyday a better, brighter, more pleasant day
A day worth living to see more of you
To see your warm summit-like heart

The sounds of nature you sing from your magnificent voice are like abstract art in song
With singing birds chirping, luscious waterfalls flowing, and winding rivers racing,
there’s nowhere I’d rather be than beside you

Staring out in the distance is like looking at a painting masterpiece,
But instead in nature, that entirely immerses the experience
The rich details within your past are exquisite 
and can be seen through your flowing veins of pride

Every moment I spend with you is a moment I would trade for none other
Crossing interstates, flights across the universe, even trekking miles
would be done without a thought if it meant I could see your glamorous eyes,
eyes bursting with wisdom, knowledge, and value

Your uniqueness and irregularity gives a distinct and desirable touch
One that can be seen and felt from miles away
One that makes you the only thing in my mind at the moment

I can’t help but gaze in fascination, look up in inspiration
knowing that if i’ve spent every last minute with you,
The rearview mirror will be filled with unforgettable moments

You are not just a mountain
You are a streaming river of kindness 

A stretching peak of compassion
A crest of devotion
And a face of beauty,
Holding a valuable place in the heart
Which gives me all to reason to love you

About the Author

Albert He is a sixteen year-old from North Carolina. This letter was written simply to show appreciation for the mountains and spread the positivity of nature through writing.

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