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A Great Friend of Mine

grayscale photo of persons hand


Dedicated to Jenprecy Salazar

I was once a lonely girl who seems to be bored and blue
I’m looking for a true friend who’ll stay with me ‘til the very end
A friend that I can share my tears and laughters,
and even treat me as her sister

Until the day that God surprised me,
He made things that surely I’ll be happy
He let us know each other in a very special way

In that moment,
We became friends
We play like a dog and cat,
We tease each other thin and fat
We shout, we slap, we even argue…

…and that’s the reason I became closer to you
I thank God for everything He did,
for giving me a special person like you
So always bear in mind,
that you’re a great friend of mine!

About the Author

Angella Mae Favia Gamboa, having a pen name, writecetera_pluma, resides in the Philippines. She is an aspiring young writer who wants to encourage the youth so that their voice could be heard by the society. Creating inspirational literary works for all ages shows her ever radiant child side.

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