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Hands, Sand, Melt Away, Escape, Keep, Time, Handful Of


How can we believe in forever?
When the universe is obliged to destruct
Where every grain of sand
Dissolves within the sea
Burying its treasures
To safe keep
Where emotions are nothing
But a test for time
And hearts are nothing
But fragile rhymes
How can we believe in forever?
When the sun is bound to oblivion
And the land awaits to shatter
And the stars long to wane
Where every heartbeat races in fear
Of what lays forth
How can we believe in forever?
When we inhale deep breaths of daffodil scented morning air
Not knowing
It might be the last time
We would ever hear
The melancholic sparrows
Along with the howling winds
Singing in despair

About the Author

Afifa is a keen observer of the universe and likes to write and spend time with her friends.

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