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Heir To Corruption

BY SYLVI WARSHAVER-STEIN and the daughter of the devil seeks the darkness in the dawn. she loves the color of midnight. she loves the silver taste of blood. tyger tyger, … Continue reading

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The Deer

BY JOSHUA WU At our old house, we had a garden out back. We had all sorts of plants like lettuce and broccoli and spinach, ready for us to eat … Continue reading

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Covid-19: An Unforgettable Lesson

BY NARRAYAN RAAM “One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken.” – Leo Tolstoy Dolphins spotted in the waters … Continue reading

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Deep Rumbling from Within and Four Other Poems

BY PAXTON CALDER Deep Rumbling from Within It started out small,Almost unnoticeable,A deep yet distant rumbling coming from my core.I thought nothing of it. It spread,Like a virus being transmitted … Continue reading

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Reflections On (Human) Nature

BY NATALIE MAE RAMLOGAN Ever-changing wind,Like the one deep inside me.A storm or a breeze? Hawks scorn not robinsFor being inferiorBut humans, in turn…  A city of rainWithin each glistening … Continue reading

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The Changing Waters

BY NINA FRIEDBERG The deep blue waves curl forward, pushing to their peak. They come barreling downward, exploding at the rocky bottom of the sand. I watch as the waves … Continue reading

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BY KATIE MARY Ambers and ashesDance in the shadows of the flamesLighting up every person With lifeAnd a sparkle Some flames are built for fearReady to demolish Others are childlike Built to … Continue reading

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BY AFIFA IMRAN How can we believe in forever?When the universe is obliged to destructWhere every grain of sandDissolves within the seaBurying its treasuresTo safe keepWhere emotions are nothingBut a … Continue reading

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Mountains of Love

BY ALBERT HE From the very first time I saw you in that adorable dress of trees,I knew you were specialThose flowing clouds of hairand that colorful, vibrant personality of … Continue reading

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Gaia’s Silent Regret

Star BY ALEXA THEOFANIDISitalicized lines are taken from Maggie Nelson’s Bluets Long before either wave or particle;before light perched in the fleshof our scorched skirts; when his eyestugged at the … Continue reading

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Hunting Season: A Personality Quiz + how to be both holy and broken

by FARAH GHAFOOR   Hunting Season: A Personality Quiz   1. tiger pelts and rifles. 2. 17% fluent in portuguese. 3. singing lullabies to things bleeding into brown. 4. embedded … Continue reading

January 2, 2016 · 3 Comments

Beauty in Death: A Photo Essay

BY MANNIE AVILA Artist’s Statement My older brother Robert, got me into photography. I used photography as an escape from all my troubles. I was struggling with depression, anger management, … Continue reading

June 20, 2015 · 1 Comment