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Heritage and To Be a Beautiful Nightmare

Tree, Sunset, Amazing, Beautiful, Breathtaking



1.34 billion people.
Condemned to suffer, but not.
At eye-level, you see animals, burns, and chaos,
But look up to those living the modern life,
The slight glimpses of order,
The slight glimpses of love and preservation and kindness,
That lay within every soul,

They are dismissed between the line of a first world,
And a third world.
Their temperature, trade, skill,
All saviors in the chaotic world,
But no matter what is thrown at them,
What really protects them,
Is their resilience.

I am proud to be a part of that.
The tense of a fight hanging around the neck of everyone,
They will always survive.
Because at a glimpse, they are struggling,
But at a look, they are living,
And I will never hesitate
To preserve and value that life within me.

To Be A Beautiful Nightmare

Life is quite weird sometimes.
5 years ago it might have been a nightmare,
4 years ago it might have been a challenge,
3 years ago it might have been a choice,
2 years ago it might have been a dream,
And today life is a surprise.

Sometimes one can feel undeserving.
Undeserving of accomplishments and faults,
Undeserving of happiness, sadness.
Sometimes one can feel overwhelmed.
Overwhelmed with emotion, void of emotion.
Life provides choices and regrets.
Life takes people and gives them.

I am thankful to have life.
I am thankful to live the life I do.
To many, life is unpredictable,
To me, it is that explicitly.
Life can be a scary dream or a beautiful nightmare,
And I’ve learned to live it for what it is.

About the Author

Divya Reddy is an oncoming senior of Williamston High School who loves to read, write, and create. Divya enjoys writing poetry to not only document her own experiences, but to express the most outlandish and unique of thoughts that sometimes come to mind. Other than writing, Divya enjoys reading from all genres and authors. Her main passions in life are community service, youth advocacy and writing.

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