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Where Not Everyone Goes

Road, Distance, Journey, Track, Way, Perspective, Far


I am going,
To where the path leads,
As long as there are starts along the way,
For not I’ll feel lost,
For I don’t want to fall through the cracks that are in between the blocks that form the path.
I am going,
To jump from hope to hope,
To wonder if someone will ever pass by,
To tell me I made the right choice

From the deepest parts of my mind I hear a scream,
It feels like it’s coming from the sole of my shoe,
It tells me not to go there
For the destination is obvious,
But it does not lead to happiness,
Because the journey is easy, and you’ve never done easy
So, why stop now?

You have been standing there for hours,
I am taking the road less traveled.
I am going,
Watching my steps as I put foot on the rocks,
Every shape and color reminds me of a memory I thought I forgot.
But the sound of the clipping stones tells me that they’re still there.
And now I understand why this road is not the most appealing option,
Because it brings everything back,
The voices, the hugs, the tender lights that illuminate our deepest fears.
Scream, it resuscitates the scream we heard or the the one that came from within, to teach
us where we don’t want to be.
And this road is so long, i can’t see the end with my eyes,
And I don’t know if I’ve packed enough.
Maybe, in between the shirts and the socks I forgot to pack happiness to come with me,
And it feels as if my throat’a made out of ginger,
Aching and making me feel sore for all the things I did not say.
But it’s so exciting to discover things for the first time,
And I’m eager to feel the adrenaline pumping through my body as I sing along the way.
And then I remember.
I decide
And it’s my decision if I let the trucks along the way make fun of my steps or if I just wave
and continue through the less traveled road, because they wouldn’t understand.
I am going

About the Author

Mijal Akerman is a girl from Colombia that’s experienced what it feels like to be a minority in a world of majorities. She likes to write about life and feelings

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