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The Orphanage

brown fabric armchair beside side table


I was tired and sleepy and felt like I was going to pass out. My muscles burned from exhaustion. On the dark, gloomy highway I stuck my right thumb out, hoping to catch a ride. No cars passed by. There wasn’t even a single building in sight. I had no idea why I was out on the highway at night, maybe it was for some work, or perhaps a dare. The relentless exhaustion blocked my thoughts. It was getting dark and I had to find a place to stay. There was a faint light, very far away. I stumbled towards it. Maybe it was just my joy of finding a place, but my exhaustion was getting less intense the closer I got there. When I reached the light it turned out to be an orphanage. The sign in the front said, “Sowville Orphanage: Trustworthy since 1947!” The A in orphanage was rusted and it had fallen down. I walked to the metal gate and pushed it open. With a sigh, the gate creaked open, revealing a brick path.

After walking down the brick path, I reached a building that was the size of a mansion, but was old and vintage. I knocked on the door and there was no answer. Once again, it wasn’t locked and it cracked open. I started walking down a carpet that looked suspiciously neat, as if someone had recently vacuumed it. I was wondering if anyone was there, and then I saw a man running across the hallway in front of me, tripping and falling. I was about to speak but he took me by the collar and shoved me to the wall. His shirt was ripped and his leg was bleeding. He screamed in a terrified voice, “Get out! It’s coming!”

I was too shocked and confused to reply. A few seconds later a hole appeared in his chest and spiders poured out, covered in blood as they ripped through his chest and out his body. His eyes went white and my went cold. I darted across the hall without even looking back. Fear was now flowing through my body. I reached a room and slammed the door shut.

My blood was pumping. It took me a couple of minutes to catch my breath. There was an old couch as well as a record player in the room. I sat on the couch and replayed that event over and over and over again in my head. Each time it happened it was more detailed, more real, more…terrifying. After some time, exhaustion got the better of me and I started to lie down. My eyes started to close and I fell asleep, shaking with terror.

As I woke up, I couldn’t see or breathe because there was a hand over my mouth and eyes. Panic flooded my thoughts and I couldn’t think. I flailed my arms in a desperate attempt to hit whatever was choking me. I tried to scream but I couldn’t. The hand over my eyes disappeared and my vision was blurry because of a very strong light hovering over my face. I heard a raspy laughter and then a sharp pain in my chest. I couldn’t breathe. I was slowly passing out. I-I…

I woke up with a start. It took me a minute to remember where I was. Huh. That’s weird. It’s still dark outside. I looked around my surroundings and saw a little girl, looking at her feet and holding a glass of water. I jumped from the couch and to the edge of the room. She said in a whisper, “I was thirsty so I came to get a glass of water.” I replied, still suspicious, “Hi. Are you lost little girl?”

She said, “No, no, no, no, no NO, NO, NO!” Her voice had become deeper and more demonic. Red and black wings sprouted from her back. I saw that she didn’t have eyes. What was in place of her eyes were two empty sockets, with bees, flying out of them. I vomited on the floor and she started advancing toward me. My blood turned to ice and I darted to the door. My knees felt like Jello as I burst outside and locked the door. My heartbeat was pounding in my ears. I started to calm down and I stepped forward.

It was pitch-black and I couldn’t see two feet ahead of me. There was liquid on my feet. I was breathing faster and faster. There was a sharp, high pitched whining and then, like a bullet, suddenly my chest felt heavy and I crashed to the floor. I felt the same sharp pain in my chest.

My lungs wanted to suck up all the air around me but I couldn’t take one breath. Black spots danced around my eyes. I heard the same raspy voice from my dream but now he wasn’t laughing. My chest was on fire as it felt like something was clawing from inside it. That’s because it-IT WAS! Spiders started clawing out of my chest and I couldn’t scream. I opened my mouth and they crawled up my mouth and nostrils. I could feel them crawling up my veins and infesting my body. They took out my eyes and started crawling in through there as well. I-I-I COULDN’T MOVE! I started to pass out as I heard that raspy voice.

It said, “Sleep… Sleep… Sleep… AND NEVER WAKE UP!”

About the Author

Nick Unnikrishnan is a middle schooler with a bursting imagination which comes to life on pen and paper. He’s a drummer as well as a martial artist who puts creativity in every ounce of his day.

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