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Dear Alzheimers

woman standing next to woman riding wheelchair


Dear Alzheimers,

In my eighteen years of existence, I have watched you grow and take over some of the most vulnerable, most precious pieces of my life. I have watched you steal priceless memories, and take away the power of speech, the ability for my loved ones to take care of themselves. I have watched you insert yourself into places you never belonged. I have watched you ruthlessly rip into defenseless people, and I’m sure millions of others just like me have helplessly watched you do the same. You strip people of what makes them them. You take their memories, then slowly destroy their mental health, and not too soon after, their physical health follows. It is truly one of the most gruesome ways to die. And you just keep killing with no remorse. 

I was just nine years old when I first saw you. You chose my Great Grandma Angie. At first you didn’t make a big appearance. It was the little signs you showed that concerned us. It started off with her misplacing small things, little knick knacks. Then you progressed and Grandma couldn’t remember her address, or how to work her air conditioner. It wasn’t until you took her ability to speak in English that we realized this problem was beyond us. Reluctantly, we had to put Grandma in a nursing home. I made some of the strongest relationships through that nursing home, but God, I hated at what cost it was. You slowly but surely made sure that this was an endgame for her. You robbed her of her ability to walk, to eat, to drink. Basic life necessities everyone is entitled to, you just took it away like it meant nothing. In the end, you took her life away, after almost a three year battle. She passed away alone, not remembering who anyone was. 

Almost four years have passed and I thought I was in the clear until you decided to show your ugly presence again, but this time in my Grandpa. You decided to hit me way too close to home. For the first twelve years of my life, my Grandpa was the only strong male role model in my life. He showed me unconditional love, he was my number one supporter, I had so many firsts with him and you just took it away like it meant absolutely nothing. Losing him over time was so much worse than losing him all at once. He hasn’t given up yet. He still fights and does his best each day; he’s so strong and brave. We all have to be no thanks to you.

But one day, I will come after you. Expect no mercy from me, I will be ruthless. I will fight and keep fighting until my very last breath. I will do absolutely everything in my power to make sure that you won’t ever hurt another soul ever again. Mark my words. 

Not so sincerely,

the girl you stole from time and time again

About the Author

Allison writes with the hope that one day, someone will actually hear what she’s saying.

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