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Switzerland, Sunrise, Sun, Landscape, Sky, Morning


Have you ever felt trapped behind metal bars?
Or watched all your cuts turn to scars
Have you tried to escape a pain in your soul?
But just couldn’t seem to fit that hole
Have you been so worried you started to shake?
Or felt too weak to be awake
Have you been so mad you started to cry?
Or used a smile as a lie
Have you lost who you are way down deep?
Or just unsure of which secrets to keep
Have you felt your heart pound and pound?
Or hear that dull ringing sound
Have you felt the internal cold?
Or felt like life was too much to hold

Life beats you down to the ground
But then so quickly turns around
Please remember, sadness is okay
I promise you, it gets better someday
Soon you will see the joy of living
And all the gifts this world is giving

It’s when you feel the sun against your cheek
Or thank God for each and every week
It’s when you laugh so hard you even snort
Or lean on your best friend for support
It’s when you dance your heart out in the rain
Or achieve your goal through the pain
It’s when you smile so hard it starts to hurt
Or when that special person begins to flirt
It’s the warmth and comfort of your room
Or the beauty of the flower’s bloom
It’s everything that fills your heart
Even after you fell apart
It’s the little things that help you cope
And let you know there’s always hope

About the Author

Amanda has been writing poetry since the age of thirteen. She likes to focus her poetry on heartfelt, deep topics that audiences can connect to.

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