A Stellar Flare of Young Adult Writing and Visual Art


Dark, Black, Background, Glass, Shatter, Broken, Mirror


Broken pottery shards rest at my feet/
I shout but all I hear is echos/
They reverberate around in my head/
Shaking my cold, pale hands/
Eating away at my fading memories/
Nibbling at the ends of my frayed nerves/
Who is this caterpillar of word/
When will he fly away and leave me alone/
I cannot cope with his rampage/
He is leaving me empty so I can echo on/
A hollow body the perfect carrier/
For mirror shard of doubt/
I have lost touch with gravity/
I am no longer under his harsh rule/
I will search the galaxies for a cure/
Let pure starlight burn my windpipe/
The nothingness will clear my head/
Erase my fading memories/
So It will have nothing to feed on/
Nothing to feed on/
Nothing to feed on/
The echoes reverberate in side my empty mind/
And I fall prey to my thoughts/

About the Author

Alyssa Belle is a homeschooled, year nine student from Australia. She enjoys reading, writing, singing and motorbike riding. She especially enjoys writing poems, but she sometimes dabbles in writing stories.

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