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Hypertext High School Writers Contest, Honorable Mention: Citlalli Lugo


Slowly Sinking Into Darkness

By Citlalli Lugo

She was slowly sinking into the deepest pits of the ocean. The once light filled water is now becoming darker. The ice cold water that surrounded her body seemed to be biting at her delicate skin. Deeper and deeper she goes. She no longer hears the frantic calls of her family and kind strangers that flooded the area.

The world seemed to be on mute. Her hair floats throughout the water and around her head like a dark aura. Her white dress is no longer limp against her body. The sheer cloth moved along the current as if had a mind of its own. She was calm and still. This is what she’s been wanting, to get away from the constant yelling and having to witness her family falling apart as the days dragged on.

She will no longer see her mother cry and suffer. She will no longer have to deal with anxiety and depression. No more tears had to be shed for a man that caused her family so much pain. A man that chose his addiction over his own family. Everything will be forgotten. The agony they all felt when he threatened kill himself every time he saw them giving up on him.  Everything will be at peace. The sounds of his head being banged against every wall. Bottles breaking, screams, cries of heartbreak, and the sounds of a child losing all hope for a better family, a better father. All being drowned out by the sound of oblivion

Things were finally going her way. For the first time. She wanted to be forgotten. Completely erased from this world. As she slips into the cold tar of the ocean, she gives one last smile and everything around her goes black. She finally found her happiness.

About the Author

Citlalli Lugo is a seventeen year old senior at Bryan Adams High School Leadership Academy in Dallas, TX. She was hand selected for a creative writing program and is developing a body of work through this class. She has also participated in after school readings such as the end of the year creative writing program exhibition and the Dallas Festival of Ideas.

An excerpt and announcement of this story’s place in the contest was also published here, on Hypertext Mag, the site that hosts this contest and sister site of Hypernova Lit.

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