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Hypertext High School Writers Contest, Honorable Mention: Miya Bruce



By Miya Bruce

Sitting in the dewy grass on a still Saturday morning, I breathe in the fresh, cold air allowing it to tickle the hairs in my nose. My eyes began to water, “Ugh stupid allergies!” I whisper to myself. Nothing could ruin this moment of freedom. This moment of having no worries. I lie down and wait for my eyes to adjust to the direct sunlight, the sky is so beautiful. A kind of beautiful blue you would see at a boy’s baby shower.

The clouds are broken and scattered like my heart, but they’re a beautiful heavenly white. I can hear the trees brushing against each other ever so often when a gust of wind disturbs them. They make little whispers, sounding like snickering little school girls. I roll over onto my side and gaze upon the beautiful field of sunflowers surrounding me. They’re so vibrant in color, so full of life, something I’ve lacked for the past four years, I think to myself.

I shut my eyes, and focus on all the sounds I hear. Life… it will never stop no matter what or who, it must continue. I can feel myself drifting away, as if the wind is carrying my soul from my body. The neatly folded letter seems to be getting heavier in the left breast pocket of my black, loosely fitted blouse, but I lie there still as ever while the world is moving around me. I can tell it is time. I take in my last breath and let my soul free itself.

Hours later I was found, my body cold and lifeless. I had overdosed on sleeping pills.  From the other world I can hear the screeching cries of my beloved family telling officers repeatedly they didn’t even know I was so mentally unstable. While they were hysterically crying I hear an officer yell, “I found a letter!” Everyone then surrounds him as he reads, “I am deeply sorry that I did not tell anyone of the horrid feelings and thoughts I was going through every day of my life. I did not know how to bring up such a topic without making everyone uncomfortable around me. Please do not dread this loss. Be happy that I am finally at peace at mind and at heart – forever around, Marie.”

I can see everyone shocked with sadness, comforting each other with hugs and the cliche, overused She’s in a better place. I know my family doesn’t know how to feel about all of this, they’ve lost their one and only daughter. But in due time I know they will truly find closure.

And with that in mind I turn from the scene and join the others of this world in peace.

About the Author

Miya Bruce is a junior at Sherman High School. She previously participated in after school readings as part of a hand-selected creative writing program at her former high school.

An excerpt and announcement of this story’s place in the contest was also published here, on Hypertext Mag, the site that hosts this contest and sister site of Hypernova Lit.


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