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Lost to the Ghosts

BY SUHANEE MITRAGOTRI lost to the ghostsshe longs for cranes to carry her to the landof her mother where golden soil fillsabandoned stomachs like wild rice andwhere stars litter the … Continue reading

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A Message to the Status Quo and Don’t See Colors

BY GABRIELLE GALCHEN Message to the Status Quo  She’s just walking through the street but all she hears is  Woman! Woman? Her mind is an oak tree, leaves tickle your … Continue reading

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BY LILIANA CAREY We didn’t really know what to do with our time, The mystifying vastness of a Sunday night The hours slip away inconsequentially Until we wake up in … Continue reading

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Gaia’s Silent Regret

Star BY ALEXA THEOFANIDISitalicized lines are taken from Maggie Nelson’s Bluets Long before either wave or particle;before light perched in the fleshof our scorched skirts; when his eyestugged at the … Continue reading

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This One is On Fire

BY ADELA XHEZA The first words that Nonna said when I was born was “questo è in fiamme.” This one is on fire. We all thought that she was talking … Continue reading

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I Guess I’m Kind of Liberal

BY MACY PERRINE The thing about wearing a feminist shirt to school is that I live in Wisconsin. We’re not technically conservative, but we are also not California. The only … Continue reading

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Eighty Cents

BY MEGAN HORSTHUIS I am standing at my podium. I am relaxed, loose even, my breathing is regular and my body is still. I reach for my notebook, and feel … Continue reading

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I Am a Woman

BY STEPHANIE CHRISTIE You complimented my kindness, my ambition, And left me hopeful for this romantic ignition. I was infatuated with your heart, your mind and your soul, You made … Continue reading

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