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I Am a Woman



You complimented my kindness, my ambition,

And left me hopeful for this romantic ignition. I was infatuated with your heart, your mind and your soul, You made me feel complete, you made me feel whole.

We went out each day for weeks and weeks, I’d stare at you lovingly each time that you’d speak. I couldn’t believe that I’d finally found stability, Who could have known it would end with hostility?

You came over at eight ready to eat, I hadn’t made dinner, for I was out on the street. You looked at me with your cold, icy eyes, Told me that I was just meant to serve my guy.

I was taken aback, for I’d never felt inferior. I suddenly realized I was blinded by your exterior. I am a woman, with no obligation to men, Do not lecture me about the past, this is not way back then.

A woman should feel equal to, not below a man. To promote gender equality, we should form a great plan.

About the Author

Stephanie Christie is seventeen years old and attends Syosset High School in New York. She created this poem to empower young women and encourage them to live life for themselves, not solely for a man. She wants women to understand that they should be allowed to strive for independence and a satisfying career if they choose to do so, and not feel selfish.

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