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Melanin Queen



Melanin Queen
Do not let them tell you what to do
For it is your body,
And you choose what to debut

Melanin Queen
Do not be afraid of any controlling man
For he is just a fool with a devious plan

Melanin Queen
Do not let them tell you what to do, to your hair
For it is on top of your head, not theirs

Melanin Queen
Do not be afraid to be yourself and strong
For you are, a gift in the world and belong

Melanin Queen
Hold your head high
So you can soar like a beautiful butterfly

Melanin Queen
Do not be afraid to speak up for your rights
For you know what you own, and deserve to fight

Melanin Queen
Do not use your hands to fight
But use your voice, in a dark room as a bright light

Melanin Queen
Don’t you know who you are
You are the brightest, the Sun
You are the star

Melanin Queen
You can accomplish so much in little time
Because you have wisdom in your mind

Lastly Melanin Queen
Do not put other queens down
But fix their crown
Do not judge
But love
Do not hate
But praise
Because you are a Melanin Queen everyday

About the Author

Amber Jackson lives in the south suburbs of Chicago where she attends Illiana Christian High School in St. John. She uses poetry to express what she feels about social issues and her life. She creates poetry because it is an exciting, but also because it’s difficult.



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