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Empire of Mind + Three More



Empire of Mind

My mind is a society
buzzing in technicolor.

Its skies are saturated,
gluttonous children,
painted in mislaid
lilacs and sapphire.

They cry gold,
showering away the purity
on the faces of the bourgeoisie.

The pale rubies are the
glitch in the system;
they’re held captive
at the heart of these badlands.



She wants to rule over the stars.
Their coats of shimmering light
bring envy to her bones.
She lives pinned onto
the black satin of the galaxy.
They flaunt their luminance
with such intensity, it appears
as if they tease her
for what her body cannot show.
So to avoid pity,
she convinced her children
that she sits on a throne
in the center of this web.



The mountains, standing proud
in altitude, look down
at the unglamorous
dirt paths and cratered roads.

In the night, they disappear
but wear a veil laced
with light that seem
like fireflies,
scattered and planted
on their faces.

In the dark, they merge
with the sky
and create a fog
of stars descending to the ground,

where the ocean and sand
are both neighbors and lovers.
The water grasps her waist
and pulls her in
like two dancers working.

They all work together
to perform a show
for their only audience.


Mademoiselle Boissière

Inspired by the portrait “Mademoiselle Boissière”

Her expression is still,
concentrated on her masterpiece.
With hands aged to perfection,
she knits the day’s light
into a shawl.

She keeps the room dim
to match the intensity
of her focus.

The hands of this woman
Move as quickly as a needle
in a sewing machine.
She sews like the waves,
going over and under.

Over time, what started
as a ball of yarn
stretches into a long,
snow-white mantilla.

About the Author

Joel Enamorado is a high school student at Miami Arts Charter School enrolled in the creative writing program. He has been published in the “That’s So Miami” magazine. He has also won silver keys in the Scholastics Art and Writing Awards competition. He does his own free-lance photography and enjoys sketching.


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