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My name is Bulimia.

I am your struggle.

I will haunt you, eat you alive,

Make you suffer.

You will be looking in your mirror,

Wishing you didn’t see what you do see,

But I won’t let that happen.

Everything you eat won’t stay in you long.

Binging and purging is what your life will become.

Body so starving, you eat all your cravings,

Regretting letting your taste buds win,

Will have the toilet screaming your name.

You can’t help but to give in.

Into the bathroom you go.

You spot a toothbrush and put it down your throat.

After puking all of your food,

You feel pretty and skinny again, with a smile on your face.

Until I use my next good power on you

That will have you screaming in pain.

Your teeth feel like they’re rotting out of your brain.

All of the acid from purging after you binge,

Will slowly but surely take all of your teeth.

Not only do I ruin your pretty little smile,

I have you checking for your collarbones,

Your thigh gap,

Your clothes size,

And so much more.

So before you think you want to be a size zero in the blink of an eye,

Ask yourself first,

Do you want to slowly die?

I can take your life faster than you think.

I am a demon and will haunt your eyes from seeing the real you,

I will damage your looks and your heart too.

So think long and hard before I have you swept under my feet,

Do I sound like a good time, or is your life better without me?

About the Author

Alyssa Edwards is a senior at Archer Learning Center in Springdale, AR. She graduates this December. She has been previously published on Hypernova – read her creative nonfiction piece A Walk in My Shoes here.

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