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The Storm of the Heart + three more




The Storm of the Heart


The darkness

That masks these crystal skies

Is the shadow

Of he who is devine.

Relentless tears fall,

As lonely clouds weep.

This cold numbs the feeling

Of pain unleashed.

Others dance in the rain,

For the beam of colors that awaits,

But the blackness in this sky

Never seems to fade.

The thunder screams,

A call for help,

But it blends into the song of showers;

The sky’s voice goes unexpressed.

An endless storm,

Trapped in whirling winds,

The destruction and chaos

Of what is held within.

Lightning strikes,

Trying to reignite the sun,

But a war against darkness

Cannot be won.



The dwindled flames

Of the sun in brief slumber

Leave tender sanctuary

In her shadow’s splendor.

The darkness she casts

Is the night in which I dream,

A haze of thick darkness

That shades reality.

Each morning she rises

To burn her cherished youth,

Shedding light

On blinding truths.

The light from beams of fire

Pierce my fragile heart,

Masking the comfortable delusion

Of being in the dark.

Oh merciless sun,

Don’t wake

To swallow darkness

With fire and bleeding rays.

Look into my eyes,

Blind me, take my sight.

Paint my eyelids

The color of eternal night.

Delusion is so pleasant

From behind blind eyes.

Oh sun, only darkness

Can give me light.



Lovely feathered creature,

Your future’s untold,

Stretching your wings

As the water turns gold.

Take me with you,

In glorious flight,

To chase the sinking sun

And escape the fall of night.

Show me the painted clouds,

Like the canvas of the sun,

That extend unbroken

To the edge of the horizon.

Show me magnificent views,

Where a new world emerges,

With streams of life

Weaving through the earth.

Show me the blazing sun

That lies beyond,

Gifting the sky with daylight,

So that flight can carry on.

Lovely feathered creature,

Show me your ascent,

So that my broken heart

Can beat once again.

Star Struck


With silver string,

The night was clothed in light.

The darkness blinked

With a glow from the heavenly heights.

The stars were scattered

In a divine transcendence,

And with an alluring silence,

They explained the infinite

How the universe

That stretches beyond the sky,

Is here just to be seen

Through my eyes.

In a rebirth of consciousness,

I felt the stars’ daunting power,

Like the blazing embers

Of their dying fire.

But in a glorious explosion,

Or a collapse of its insides,

Even the most brilliant star is bound

To fall from the night sky.

A dying star showed me

In its final breaths,

How light will live on endlessly

Even after death.

What a beautiful gift it is

To even exist.

About the Author

Cecily Lowe is sixteen and lives in Pasadena, CA, and attends La Canada High School. About her work, she says, “Poetry is a way of expressing complex thoughts into graceful words. The creativity and simplicity of poetry utterly amazes me.”

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