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An Ode to You



The smell of your cologne,
The sound of your voice,
The smile that graced your face,
It’s all I truly want.
Your presence made everything make sense.
Life isn’t the same without you.
The definition of death has several meanings,
However the destruction or permanent end of something is fitting.
Since you’ve departed from this world, I’ve been a passenger in my body
Silently observing and concentrating,
Constantly chipping away and chasing fantasies,
Focusing solely on fueling your legacy,
But I’ve already been through the first three stages and I’m stuck on four.
You are encapsulated in my memory.
Now I can’t eat oatmeal because mom doesn’t make it sweet enough.
I can’t watch Tom and Jerry without your deep laugh reverberating through my skull.
I can’t swim without remembering the summers you took me to the YMCA.
I can’t pick up a pencil without you being the first thing that comes to mind.
It’s hard to accept that you are truly gone when everything leads back to you.

About the Author

Micaela Francis attends Fort Myers High School in Florida. This poem was written for her late grandfather and writing it was a cathartic experience for her. Micaela writes because it gives her life a sense of purpose and her pen and paper have never let her down.

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