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The Freshman and Three Other Poems



The Freshman

This new person wants to start anew
He doesn’t seem like himself anymore
She feels so scared
He has never been there before
She fell a few times
He manages to find hope every time
She always wishes she was a sophomore
Who knew what the future held?
The future is never certain
He has found himself some awesome friends


The Intern

He finds himself in a new environment
He feels lost and left out
He used to believe he could do anything
that is till he finds himself there
He feels out of control
but learns all the same
He feels like he has known them all his life
It has hardly been a month
yet it seems like he owns the place
Nobody said it would be easy
but someone once said, ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ .
After some time , he familiarizes and learns the hard way


The Curious Soul

The wanting soul
The beating heart
who shall be there to sew
the broken pieces apart
It always wants to find something to know
Always calmed by the winds that part
Never doubt such a soul…
A curious soul


That Moment

What do you do when that moment comes?
That moment when you think you lost it all.
That moment when all hope seems lost
That moment when you feel like the whole world is against you .
That moment when you keep trying , trying and still seem to fail.
That moment …
That moment , only you can change.
What will you do when that moment comes?

About the Author

Otoo Sabastine Annan is from Accra Ghana where he attends Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. He writes because it makes him happy and because he feels like it is a gift from God that must be shared.


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