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glass-423551_1920BY LIYA FOUCHE

To you I’m only a body, something to temporarily hold your interest, you can make me feel so nonexistent. The way you distance yourself when things become slightly uncomfortable, but flock to my side when I have something you want, I give in to you but the feeling haunts me of being used & discarded just like a piece of garbage. I try and make you understand but I feel entitled to stay hoping we can try and make a way. Not giving up because I know you’ve been through some things that you won’t talk to me about, and I’m starting to figure it out. I don’t want to let you go, I don’t want to cause you more pain. You don’t even ask me how’s your day? I push aside my own personal tribulations and say why try? When I can’t even rely on you. It’s just no use. Right now I’m taking the abuse, maybe it’s what you need to see, me broken down & empty for you to change. Maybe my selflessness will end your pain and just add onto mine, in that case I guess I’ll just stay confined.

About the Author

Liya Fouche attends Churchill High School in San Antonio, Texas. She wrote this poem to present the emotional abuse that happens in a relationship for a girl or a woman, and the ignorance and the blindness to their pain.

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