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Help and Terrified

classroom-2093744_1920BY EUNICE ZELAYA


I can’t breathe
It’s like I’m being held back
I feel weak
As if all my strength has been drained and taken away
I’m so exhausted
Yet I sleep the whole day
It’s all blurry
Almost like I’m looking through dirty glass
I hear voices
Yet I can’t decipher what its saying
I ask for help but they don’t understand
It’s like conversing with your pet
They hear you but won’t ever reply to your words
I’m in search of answers not more unanswered questions
What’s wrong with me?


We walk in
Look for our friends
Converse about insignificant topics
Not knowing if we’ll go back home
Should we be scared or ignore what’s going on?
Nobody seems to take action
People are truly sickening
I live in fear
What if it happens to us?
Do we hide under desks waiting for it to attack
Or do we run and not look back
What if I lose my friend?
Should I cause a distraction to save the others?
There’s so many questions
Why should we have to worry about this
What are we waiting for?
Was the death of innocent children not a sufficient call for action?
We return to school soon…

About the Author

Eunice Zelaya is fifteen years old and she lives in New York. She wrote both of these poems to express her feelings towards real life situations.

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