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I arrive, attended and measured with disgust
By myself with people all around

They​ aren’t looking at me but looking with me
Trying to harm its way into new places
Taking over the good people and making an individual look different
As I may look like the rest
I don’t want to be the rest

Running and generating energy
That’s how we survive
By feeding off of what’s there
Without asking, ‘please’
Everyday, some of us go but some more reappear
I don’t understand why someone wants to get rid of us
Will they ever understand?
That we aren’t wanted
Our heads won’t change
We think we’re here for a reason
But we’re hurting ourselves just as much as the people around

Just a lump in a place
I want to get rid of myself
I want to get out of this world in which I shrink for joy
Or I large for hate
Don’t want to be here for a reason
Need a chance of redemption
In which I can show my power someplace else
To the eyes of mine and to the eyes above
Not trying to hurt you
Just trying to get by
And trust me I rather die
But it would be for me

About the Author

Maya Gowda is thirteen years old and she attends Gulliver Academy in Florida. Most of her poems are about dreams, real lives, or what she thinks life is all about.

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