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Self Harm

tree-2451441_1920BY: BELLA RAY

There is always sadness, it’s always dark,
A slight relief while I make these marks.
Blood blooms bright with every gash,
My world comes down with a sickening crash.
A night too short, a day too long,
All my thoughts perceived as wrong
I made a list to follow through,
I pray you do not follow too:
  • Small breakfasts
  • No lunches
  • Small dinners
  • Cuts arm and hips
  • Small clothes
  • Get stomach to 25”
  • Smaller legs
  • Lose 20lbs
  • No sugar
  • No carbs
  • 3 cuts every time you cheat
  • Wear a lot of makeup
I live with a fear accompanied to my sorrow,
I hope that I’ll make it through tomorrow.

About the Author

Bella Ray is thirteen years old. She lives in San Francisco. For a while, she was really depressed, cutting herself and talking to herself in the mirror, saying all these bad things about herself. She wrote this piece so others would know that they’re not alone.

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