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A Little Girl Made of Mirrors



She struts shamelessly
Why shouldn’t she
She is flawless
Every person’s dream
But like us all she has a flaw
She is made of mirrors
She reflects everyone’s love
Everyone’s kindness and joy
But as relationships grew
Mirrors became microscopes
They showed flaws
Then she became a beast
A beast made of insecurities and lackless lust
She became a display of sadness
So she runs away
So far away no one remembers the damage
Her skin cracks
Her hair loses its shine
But she moves on
To the next town
To the next state
To the next person
Until she can find one being
Just one
That loves themselves enough to put themselves aside
In order to see who she is.

About the Author

Haley Hibsman is sixteen years old. She attends Indiana High School. Her work is an extension of all her emotions and she believes that writing should be a way for people to see their own emotions reflected.

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