A Stellar Flare of Young Adult Writing and Visual Art

Only a Dreamer

painting of tree


I am a dreamer,

who sees everything in a different view
Sometimes it looks like I have a fever,
which has not the proper cure.

I dream awake,

looking for something missing
maybe it is fake,
but if it is,I need fixing.

I have learned that quitting is not an option,
even when the World goes into destruction.

So I stand up and take a chance,
hoping that what I will achieve, will tell me who I am.

So what might be, this dream?

That makes me so anxious to know if I’ll succeed!

So what might be, this ambition?
That makes me turn into addicted!

Maybe, it is just mere fantasy,
that keeps calling me.
Maybe, it is a recipe,
that I pursue.

Or perhaps,it is a research of my identity,
that it has been hidden all this time.
And it is because of this quest,I am having,
that keeps me dreaming so high!

I know I should stop
and pause for a while,
but like every human being,

I like to know if I am worthy to be alive!

About the Author

Marta Lereno is a 15 year old writer from Portugal.

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