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The First Original and New Normals

pink and white victorias secret textile


The First Original

“Surfing the web
for a poetry prompt
to fill a rivalry form?”

says John Reb
“It’s a secret,
hide it from Mr. Tom.”

“OK! OK!
But why”
Whispered I

Plagiarism not acceptable, said rude sir Tom.”
“Oh! So that’s the matter, John.
But why to plagiarize”
“Don’t think I like lies,
I just plagiarize
‘cause I am chaotic
what to write”

“Then are you throwing yourself into the rivalry
just for praise and prize?
Did I get it right?”

But I also like poetry file”

“I know it takes time
but what if you write a poetry fine.”
“Can think upon it next time”

“John imagine you win a prize and praise
on your own phrase
Be Original!
‘cause An original is worth more than a copy
Said Kassem Suzy.”

And that was the time
When John made his first rhyme
Though he did not win a prize
But praise and pride
Was now much more than fine


The New Normals

As we all know
Covid-19 has given whole world a blow
don’t worry
don’t panic
He will save us all
but we will have to follow some norms
these are actually the new normals of today
which says don’t go out and play

Nodding, waving, bumping
and Namaste for sure
can keep us secure

Two metre distance, especially in public place
is another important pace
that can keep us safe

Far are the friends
To lend pens
but don’t worry
to move out, don’t hurry
Now is the time for us to tweet
or use the Googlemeet

Well-organised window hours
for running errands
are the new normal for
food and retail brands

Online shopping and e-commerce
are indeed good honors
for consumers and shoppers

Individuals have become more aware
to keep a good hygiene of their
eating a balanced meal
so that healthy the feel
regular hand-washing
are the other normal normals
to make us strong immunity king

They cough and sneeze
into the elbow
for a fit world tomorrow
tissue or face mask
amongst other
can protect us further

As soon as lockdowns were imposed
and schools closed
learning was taken into a different platform
ONLINE which is known

Work from home,
Virtual meetings
are other things
for managers and employees
to learn.

Last but not the least
the old shows which
once froze
are back on the TV
when it glows

Stay home,
Stay safe,
Stay healthy,
Stay playfully.

We will fight and we will win.

About the Author

Paavni Bansal is a student at Presentation Convent Sr. Sec. School, and is driven by her passion for writing. A prolific writer in English, she has written many short stories and poems.

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