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Climate Hope and Earth


Fifteen marine species evanesced from existence 
Marine corals wrecked, why can’t we keep our distance?
Climate change and global warming melting ice caps
Moose’s, Sea Turtles, and Polar Bears forced to live on scraps 

Poor white lemuroid possum, it’s not heartwarming 
That it's the first animal to go extinct because of global warming 
Climate change slowly defacing earth
Adverse effects of fossil fuels taking birth

Our one and only earth and our exquisite oceans 
Are getting destroyed because of our abhorrent potions 
The good news is that we created climate change
Because we know what we did, solutions can be arranged

Climate change and global warming are urgent problems
Issues whose consequences are quite solemn 
However, every problem has a solution
Some may take time, but with resolution
Every problem has a solution

We can undo what we did, we don't have to grope
Solutions are there, in the form of Climate Hope 
Take, for example, the Renewable Energy Revolution
Sustain our resources, lower risk of fuel spills, it's a crucial  solution

Using biomimicry, our own environment can act as the nourishment for innumerable innovations
By observing the tendencies of plants, we can take in clues, use them as foundations
Though gradual, climate hope can be found in things as effortless as planting trees 
They take in carbon dioxide, the determinant for global warming, feeding the world with some ease 

It's essential to remember that anytime, anywhere, change can give birth
Make your voice heard, make solutions heard, raise awareness, transform earth
Climate Change and Global Warming are out there, making Earth bleed, 
But climate hope is out as well, climate hope can be the evolution that we need.

About the Author

Dhruti Halambi is 13 years-old and lives in California.

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