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The Truth in Darkness


Till the sun is bright
The fun everlasts
Till the moon shines for you,
The stars will too
Till the clouds are formed,
The rain will bow
Till the sun is with the clouds 
The rainbow will show 
Till eternity comes
We all will grow
But when the day arrives 
And so will we all
Not be happy 
But regret
Of doing such things
Which will cut all our wings
And take us
To the depth of darkness
To the highlights of sorrow
To the place which we had not seen,
We will be presented to god
And will be asked
What we had done
Which bought us there,
From that beautiful sphere,
Which “The World” we liked to call
Hearing it everything shall fall
But the truth and trust that lies beneath ,
That day, 
Shall make us clean
Shall make us free.

About the Author

Iffat Ahmad is 14 years-old and lives in New Delhi, India

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