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Ask That Bird


Frightened of waking up with thunders at night 
I learned the art of waking up to thuds on the door,
No one came after that loud fist bump
And no one left until the bird bled
Few said your family protects you 
Who knew the family could skin you 
Ask that bird who was burnt, beheaded to stay mum.
Not knowing the pleasure in raping someone
Feeling helpless for those who faced 
Understanding the costumes that asked for rapes 
or characters of women which called for it 
Ask that bird whose life stopped after he came out of her 
Did Indian culture teach this,
maybe it did as wearing shorts is a sin 
but raping and killing shoots dopamine 
Why am I hanging in the sun, with the blood and tears of the victim 
Ask that bird whose wings you did cut
Alive and well was a myth after the skinning 
how did this happen and what am I going to do remained constant 
being called a slut for being pregnant before marriage
who knew how many times did he force himself inside me 
Ask the bird who was caged by the world 
Trials for justice had become the schedule 
family is tension as the world slut shammed 
appealing to courts for justice for the dead 
her parents were afraid of losing the hope 
years later the hope has risen again 
as justice was served: Sentenced to Death.
Ask the bird who was killed for flying in the sky.

About the Author

Sakshi Nikam is 19 years old. She lives in India.

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