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Teen Angst + Casual + Walk with Me + Freedom



Teenage Angst

We clutch the sides of broken angst and teenage lust
gripping for the ones we passed and trust
I got ripped from the arms of the women whom I loved
I got touched by the thoughts of fear and dreams of those I stunned
Comatose children in the middle of the city
Dancing arm in arm with the girls they say are pretty
The lust is unforgettable, the love is non-existent
my heart is jump-the-shippable my brains are repugnant
and with the time bomb of emotions you’d say my mind is redundant
But when I think of my anxiety I’m a bit more at peace
cuz I know our love was real and my brain was just diseased.


Even in the end of times when lives and loves will meet
When spirits take us up and leave us lifeless in the street
the stories that I’ve left entombed in bindings paperback
will never etch a meaning outside graves and package track
cuz those numbers are forever in the hearts of those that buy
What I truly love about these things is none listen or read mine
But I hate the butterflies I get when I write things of age and time
Cuz bitterness has led the thought that words are but a crime
And even if no one at all has the time to read my mind
I’ll know I’ve lived forever in the heads of someone blind
cuz my thoughts will paint a picture for the eyeless and the deaf
haunting them forever even after sudden death
the true blue problems lie in graves and coffins of them all
I’m worried of the lives I’ll touch when my work slows to a crawl
cuz after all are dead and gone the pen and pad are left alone
the only things in dirt and bones are straw and sticks and rust and stone

Walk with Me

I bought some boots made from leather
almost as thick as my skin
when I wear them more and more the soles and base’ll get thin
cuz time ages everything and my shoes are no different
funny how the little things leave me feelin insignificant
take one big right step and a left one too
it’s a shame my life’s comparable too a paper or a shoe
Now I’m living life for me
and I’m finally complete
with my shoes, my journal books and such
No human can compete
but if you write a word
read a book or take defeat
your aging souls and soles of shoes won’t fall right off your feet
leave something that’s behind you when your stuff is dead and gone,
that people can get touched by and see your foot prints in their palm.
I hope to leave a paper cut so deep inside your palm
you’ll think about the words I scrawled and blood will still be drawn.
I hope my footprints in your skin will burn a path forever
causing you to chase your dreams with shoes so old and tethered.


I was born into a world where
“You have to do things you don’t want to in life” was common speech
Is my freedom priceless?
“Land of the free.”
Free to live a lack luster life.
Where capitalism rules
Where if you don’t have money, you never will
Free to die at the hands of corrupt administration.
Where looking at power wrong
can will all of your power away
A broken social structure
A man crying makes him less masculine
and a woman can’t push herself as hard as a man.
If you’re under 18 you’re an idiot
and once you turn the corner you’re out
kicked to the curb
right on your ass.
Where you decide what you’re going to do for the rest of your life on the same day you couldn’t decide what color of shirt you wanted to wear.
If you like the same gender as yourself
your family spits on you and slanders your name.
Where testing is based on memorizing answers rather than knowledge of life.
Where experience means nothing and artificially stuffed “education” means everything.
Children cry and kill themselves because the harassment of their peers proved to be too much
and the administration can’t do anything.
out of fear of losing their jobs.
The youth is being taught “Please others” not “Stand up for yourself”
“Don’t follow your dreams, they won’t make you any money”
where fondness of hobbies are left at just that
So in life you do have to do things you don’t want to
but that’s not your fault
It’s the people telling you to hide from who you are.
Don’t be yourself
Don’t follow your dreams.
Let this world take you
don’t change your future
you’re the only one who can’t.
It’s up to you.

About the Author

Sean Detschermitsch is a young creative individual whose passion is only trumped by his diligence and skill. Releasing new poems weekly on his own personal business Facebook page he’s gathered a niche fanbase through his abrasive, yet truth preaching poems and prose pieces. He runs a business and Facebook page titled Squandered Opportunities Collective on his own, self releasing short zines and CDs of his spoken word pieces. His future lies in the writing and recording industry as his name slowly becomes more ingrained. He resides in Littleton, CO.

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