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Ultimate Price, Reality, Countdown



Ultimate Price

Save me from this.
It hurts,
The way this emptiness burns within me.
Counting down these infinite days,
Until I shall see my beloved again.
A breath on frosted lips,
This whisper lost in the howling winds of a frozen tundra.
Even the touch of the flickering flame
Can do nothing to quell the cold chains of my
Enemies that encircle my wrists,
And climb their way closer to my heart.
I am screaming so loud in this perpetual darkness,
The raging storm before the calm horizons of tomorrow,
How can no one hear me?
Surrounded by these marionettes,
I realize I am utterly alone,
For now.
They will come any day now
The Demons or the Angels.
Either way,
The smile on my face as they embrace me
With loving arms or terrible claws,
All the same, remind me that this new world’s light
That shines upon me.
The unfamiliar landscape
Melts away,
And as the golden power radiates in my veins,
I know that I am home.
Here I stand,
Waiting for my day of reckoning to arrive,
So that I may finally rise,
In all my tempered glory.


Different levels through the film,
We are the monsters scaring children.
We are the children cowering in the corner.
I am expectant, a poet?
Why must this question burn inside us?
Stripped of our technologies,
Beast, poised for the kill.
Under the layers of our wealth and prosperity,
What is our true nature, at the core?
Are we kindhearted beings,
Or cruel tyrants that steer the earth with an iron fist?
Do the chains of our loyalty bond to none?
Two different sides, join together.
Accept each other.
Exploring the dark recesses of myself
While everyone else stays behind.
I have it, my fantasy, to bond with.
Submerged inside this beautiful world no one else can see.
Everyone else, their speech is background noise
That gently hums in my ears
As I dance and laugh with joy in this
Realm that opens to me alone.
What an amazing place,
This newfound reality.
For what could be more perfect,
Than a universe stitched together by your own two hands?


Chains pull me down tighter with every passing minute,
The screams ring higher and louder in my ears,
The pain, the pain, the pain.
We all bleed in the conjoined fight,
Seemingly alone.
How can we survive this?
Tell us how!
No one can feel the darkness creeping in our veins,
Or hear the shouts of the innocent in our minds.
But I can.
I am different than them, the others.
My protective skin,
Torn from my body in the vilest of manner.
By my own hand, nonetheless.
The floodgates crash open,
Letting the torrent sweep me away in a blinding flash.
Help is only an illusion in this place,
And as I am yanked below to the undertow,
I survey the scene in vain for someone to aid,
To hold my hand in this burning world.
Everyone who stands blind in my gaze turns to ash,
None of them understand how far I’m gone past them.
I am helpless to stop them,
And even as I shed these tears on their broken souls left to rot,
I can take comfort in knowing the fall of my brothers and sisters
will not be in vain.
It always seems like the darkness will prevail,
As if the demons will always be victorious against our mentality.
However, there can be hope in this unforgivable place.
If only we unite, or maybe not.
Not the thousands of populations,
Not the millions of masses,
Not even the billions of people that inhabit this universe.
Just one.
One very special person who can see this with me,
Who stands by me in beautiful, whole, and pure understanding.
Alone, I can’t drag everyone out of the pit they are unknowingly sinking into,
I can’t pull their drowned hands from this place.
But I can save them all, to let them stand beside me in unity,
If only I could find the strength in another.
Only the ground underneath my feet is stable in this world being torn apart,
By fire and chaos.
An apocalypse littered with the bodies of my enemies and friends.
Just take my hand in yours,
And we can save everything we have ever known.

About the Author

Fifteen-year-old Violet Van Fleet  lives in South Lyon, Michigan where she attends South Lyon High School. She uses poetry to cope with everything that plagues her late at night, and as a result, it is a true reflection of all her struggles. She wants to flourish and grow as a writer and  share her work with the world.

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